Bethlehem 150th Anniversary Celebration News

As part of the Bethlehem 150th Anniversary Celebration, the planning committee has invited former pastors to join us to preach and celebrate this milestone in our history. If you would like to listen to their sermons, go to the media page and find the date. We are pleased to report that the following pastors have accepted our invitation for the following dates:

 January 29            Pr. Russell Rudolf

 February 19         Pr. James Parks

 March 5                Pr. Al Girtz

 March 19              Pr. Leland Johnson

 April 2                   Pr. Don Roberts

 April 30                 Pr. Don Walker

  June 11                Pr. Hans Jorgensen

  July 16                  Pr. Norman Olsen

 August 20            Pr. Mary Iverson

  Oct  15                Pr. Duane Salness

  Nov 12                Pr. Steve Ohrtman

  Nov 19                 Pr. Paul Meierding

We are also pleased to announce that Southeastern MN Synod Bishop Steven Delzer will join us on May 21 to lead us in worship and participate in our congregational celebration dinner. Put this on your calendars. More details will be announced in 2017.

During Bethlehem’s 150th anniversary year of 2017; we are reminded to:

v Remember our church’s rich heritage that brought us to where we are today;

v Rejoice in God’s gifts to us as a congregation;

v Renew our purpose as fellow believers in Jesus Christ. 


Celebrate Bethlehem in 2017

* The quilting group will design and produce

a special anniversary quilt to be displayed.







*  An artistic historical timeline is being planned for permanent display in the Heritage Room.




* An  anniversary mission project is being considered to reflect Bethlehem's legacy of generosity through the years.  Click on this link to see how the van will look after it is wrapped.


* An anniversary theme and graphic designs are being fine-tuned.  These will be used for banners, bulletins, hymnal wraps, special publications, mementos, etc.






* An updated history of Bethlehem will be published to bring us all from the past to the present.  You can pick up a copy in the church office for a free will offering.  


* A special anniversary Sunday service and dinner will be held on May 21st for the congregation.







For more information, see our Bethlehem Star Newsletter or contact the church office at 507.388.2925 for assistance.