Small Groups -check out the 2018 Small Group Directory

Small groups are where friendships are born, our faith deepens, and may even improve our health.  Take a look at some new and renewing options below, and use the link to sign up!

Bethlehem Men

Starting this fall, we are beginning a group for the men of Bethlehem to deepen our relationship with God and each other through listening, learning, helping others and fun. Bethlehem Men will meet at different times and places, once each month, from September to May.  Some activities will be recreational to grow our friendships, some will be service oriented, and others that we might learn something new.   Two events are on the calendar already:

-Jake’s Pizza on Sunday, September 9, from 6-7:30 p.m.  We will gather to introduce the group and begin to know one another.

-Strategies for Stress, with Greg Nelson from the Mankato Clinic.  Sunday, October 7, 6:30-8 p.m. in Grounds for Joy.

- Rake the Town, November 10, 9:00 am.

Parenting in Faith Groups

New this fall also, we will be grouping parents together to talk about how we do faith at home, the deep questions we engage with our whole families, and the struggles of balancing our faith commitments with all the other thing we hold important. Dates and times will be set by individual groups, so signing up just tells us that you are interested! We are hopeful to create both couple’s groups and second circle of mothers.

BLC Together

BLC Together is simple!  You sign up to be in groups of six. Then you commit to meet three times between Labor Day to New Year’s Eve, and three times between New Year’s Day to Memorial Day.  These meetings can be at home, a restaurant with space for semi-private conversation, or at the church.  Each gathering begins with a meal arranged by the host(s).   After a table prayer and meal, you will share highs and lows, visit about the topic of the month provided for you in advance, and close with prayer and a plan for the next meeting.   Each group will stay together for the six meetings and members will take turns hosting.   This year, our discussion topic will be friendship, and you will be provided with conversation guidebooks. 

Financial Peace University

What if you could be debt-free with an emergency fund of 3–6 months of expenses saved, all while investing for retirement and planning for your family’s future? Sound impossible? It’s not! With Dave Ramsey’s class, Financial Peace University, (FPU), you CAN take control of your money.  FPU is a nine-week class meeting each Monday night from 6:30-8 p.m. starting September 10, at the YMCA.  The $129 enrollment fee is waived for Bethlehem members who complete the class.

Life in the Spirit

A small group of Bethlehem members committed to growing closer to God by learning and doing spiritual practices together.  We meet at 6:30 p.m. in the Heritage Room every second Thursday night.   For this year, our text is by James Bryan Smith, The Good and Beautiful Community.  The book is accessible, with a good small group discussion guide, and easy instructions on how to practice our faith.  The cost of the book is $13.

Book of Faith—Matthew

As we study the Book of Faith we open Scripture and join in conversation.  Each week we look at a text historically, literarily, devotionally, and from a Lutheran perspective, listening for the voice of God in the Word we read and share.   This fall, we study the Gospel of Matthew, the appointed Gospel for the 2018-2019 Narrative Lectionary, with a new Book of Faith study written by Bethlehem member, Heather Hammond, (we will invite Pastor Hammond to join us).   We meet on Wednesday mornings from 10:30-11:30 a.m. starting September 13.   Each book costs $9.